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About The Texas Foreclosure Prevention Task Force Purpose:

The purpose of the Texas Foreclosure Prevention Task Force is to reduce home mortgage foreclosures and the impact of foreclosure on Texas families and communities. In cities and states with high rates of foreclosure, the NeighborWorks® Center for Foreclosure Solutions works with local leaders and local nonprofit organizations to create sustainable foreclosure intervention programs. Initiated by NeighborWorks®America in 2007, the Texas Foreclosure Prevention Task Force continues to work with federal, state and local leaders on the issue of foreclosure. We invite your involvement and support. Help support existing efforts and initiatives to reduce foreclosures in Texas as well as grow this statewide initiative and public awareness campaign. Help us raise awareness about the network of highly specialized United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) approved housing counselors throughout Texas who are available to provide FREE assistance to homeowners facing foreclosure.

Areas of focus:

• Conducting homeowner outreach/public awareness campaigns in conjunction with existing foreclosure prevention efforts and initiatives

• Research efforts to better understand foreclosure patterns/trends and issues in Texas

• Developing means for financial support for local counseling infrastructure to assist distressed homeowners in home retention

• Identify and promote foreclosure prevention related information including detailed Texas foreclosure timelines, mortgage relief procedures, rescue and refinance products

• Track effectiveness of this and other task force interventions

• Identify potential legislative recommendations that support home-ownership retention

• Developing and supporting a post-foreclosure support system

• Ongoing identification of individuals, organizations, and new and existing initiatives to link to this effort

Texas Foreclosure Intervention Resource Guide

Now Available Online in

English and Spanish

This guide is designed to assist homeowners who may be facing foreclosure.

Included are important tips to avoid foreclosure, how to locate HUD-approved housing counseling assistance, understanding mortgage delinquency, preparing to meet with the loan servicer and housing counselor as well as important information about avoiding and reporting loan modification scams.

Click on the links below to view, download or print the guide:

Texas Foreclosure Intervention Resource Guide in English

Texas Foreclosure Intervention Resource Guide in Spanish



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